TKHS Parking Lot Becomes Canvas for Student Art

High school seniors began working on their projects even before school started. Members of this year’s senior class were given the opportunity to purchase their parking space, then design and paint their spot to add a bit of personality and character to an otherwise blank asphalt canvas.

“It’s cool to be able to personalize your own spot. I think it’s good for the students to just be able to really put your own mark on the school at least for a year.”” said Anna Miller as she worked on an elaborate 3-D design.

Jake Maring said the paintings give the parking lot character and brings out the artfulness of the high school. “It’s just fun and it makes the parking lot more interesting.” His space is an optical illusion of a dragon breaking through a hole in the pavement and coming out in Miller’s adjacent space.

Jaydynn Schut created a TK football field on her space along with a soccer and golf ball representing her two sports.  “I’m excited about this and I’m looking forward to my senior year,” she said. “I’m glad they’re letting us do it this year.”

Schut said she hopes people visiting the high school will take time to look at some of the painted spaces. “I think it’s a neat way for seniors to be able to take ownership and pride in the school,” she said.

High School Principal Tony Petersen said he’s impressed with the designs students have created. “I have had seniors ask to do this for the past few years and this we were able to get approval. This allows seniors to have an opportunity to positively express themselves and take ownership for a part of the school.”

Petersen said 21 seniors purchased their spots this year and he hopes the program continues to grow. The project also serves as a fundraiser for the high school.

“We want school to be a place that students enjoy coming to every day,” he said. “They have done an amazing job with their spaces and have put a lot of thought into how the space will represent them.”

Senior class  member Kaylyn Beard said she worked on her design for about three weeks. An intricate and detailed compass points toward the high school. She said she views her senior year as a jumping off point to the massive start to the rest of her life. “I think a compass is a good metaphor,” she said.

She also incorporated a quote from Eleanor Roosevelt which states, “The purpose of life, after all, is to live it, to taste experience to the utmost, to reach out eagerly and without fear for newer and richer experiences.”

“I think that’s the kind of experience I hope for myself and all my classmates,” said Beard.