Reporting absences must be done by a parent/guardian on the morning of the absence. 

(You may leave a message 24/7 @ 269-795-5431 or email Sarah Middleton @ [email protected])


To minimize interruptions in the classroom and to expedite the process of signing out



  • Send a note with your student stating the student name, reason for leaving, and time of departure.
  • Have your student stop at the attendance office before school to obtain a pass to leave class. Teachers will not release students without proper notification.
  • After leaving class the student must sign out at the attendance office before they leave the building.
  • Parents are not required to come in the building to sign student out if this process has been followed.
  • OR call the attendance office prior to 8:00 am and student will be called down for a pass during passing time.
  • The attendance office number is 269-795-5431. All absences must be reported within 24 hrs. Please leave a message if prompted or when calling after hours.  Your cooperation is appreciated!


You may reach the Attendance Office 24 hour a day at 269-795-5431.