TKHS Students To Perform “Once Upon A Mattress”

Tickets are on sale by using this order form. Tickets may also be available at the door the night of the show.

In this story, King Sextimus (Logan Tolan), has been struck by a witch's curse and is condemned not to speak again until "the mouse devours the hawk!" Until then, Queen Aggravian (Madeline Clark) has assumed power and has decreed no one in the kingdom may wed until Prince Dauntless (Parker Stewart) is married to a true princess. The queen has tested 11 applications, but none have passed her nearly-impossible tests.

Lady Larken (Haley Bovee) and Sir Harry (Peter Verstraete) are most eager to marry so Sir Harry is determined to find a true princess returning with Princess Winifred (Annabelle Rickert) who acts very “un-princesslike.” Prince Dauntless can’t help falling in love with Princess Winifred, but the queen is not impressed and dreams up a nearly impossible test for the young princess to pass.

Come see for yourself just how this fairy tale comes to its happily-ever-after ending.

There are 40 high school students in the cast, six students in the pit orchestra, and at least 15 students working backstage all working together to make this a fabulous show.

Cast members include Megan Baldry and Zachary Ploeg as the minstrels, Haley Bovee as Lady Larkin, Madeline Clark as Queen Aggravain with Parker Stewart as Prince Dauntless and Logan Tolan as King Sextimus the Silent. Peter Verstaete plays Sir Harry. And Annabelle Rickert is Princess Winnifred.

Other cast members include Zane Walters as the jester; Peter Repins as the wizard; Shawn DeVries as Sir Studley; Zach Maring as Sir Luce; Haden Bovee, Jayden VanStee and Thomas Solomon as first, second and third knights; Lila Nelson as Lady Rowena; Katy Raphael as Lady Merrill; Reese Verlinde as Lady Lucille; Ellie Rogers as Lady Mabelle; Aubrey Martin as Princess #12; Katy Raphael as the nightingale; Chase Dannenberg and Shane Coykendall as knights; Natalie Alden, Clara Argenta Laorga, Kaitlyn Baldry, Mia Dickman, Masyn Hiemstra, Clair Jansma, Gabby Leonhardt, Jennifer Logan, Lexi Luyk, Sierra Morton, Lee Repins, Molly Shepard, Preseley Snyder, Payton Stewart and Thea Zellmer as ladies-in-waiting.

Pit orchestra members include Sammy Barton, Maddie Shepard, McKenzie Cooper, Zac Wedyke, and Brinkley Ward along with pianist Sue Morton.

Backstage crew members include Jacob Capman, Katrina Chapman, Kiera Conner, Cate Densham, Killian Dudley, Jacob Fetterley, Ava Hess, Audrey Johnson, Dade Landon, Silla Lemming, Madeline McCrumb, Morgan McCrumb, Ella McFadden, Krista Powell, Cora Siuda, Paris Viviano, Tessa Wenger, Busra Yayla and TKMS teacher Chris Cole.

The play is directed by Laura Nikkel and Judy Roelofs-Kruisenga.