Tribute to Senior Members of TKHS Choirs

Concert Choir Seniors

Josie Fifelski

During high school I have participated in Teens Against Tobacco Use. I love this program because of the kids we get to meet and the message we get to spread. I also participated in 4-H and show rabbits and am the president of my 4-H club. My favorite subjects in school are art and science. I am taking a gap year to earn money for college. In choir I really like the middle school musicals.

Hailey Grindle

I am interested in performing arts, and dance. I am undecided what I will be doing  after graduation, but would like to continue in performing arts. My favorite memory  is coming into the choir room hearing the piano playing and people singing!! I also enjoyed the pop concert last year.

Riley Hall

I have been involved in 4 years of sideline & competitive cheerleading. I was also in choir for 6 years. I plan on attending Kalamazoo Valley Community College next year, majoring  in nursing. My favorite memory is all of the musicals from middle school! I just loved being a part of them and I never was able to in high school because of cheerleading.

Evie Harris

I have been involved in the ninth grade musical “The Music Man,” and  French Club for three years. The past two years I have done Students for Life. I have been involved in many church activities as well. I am going to Cornerstone University and majoring in education.

Autumn Krul

I have been in choir for the past 7 years and have made so many amazing memories with my classmates and Mrs. Oprea. From going on trips to festival to just being in class it has made a big impact on me throughout middle school and high school. After graduation, I plan on going to school at GRCC and possibly transferring to Northern Michigan University after 2-4 years. Although I do not know what my area of focus will be yet, I am very positive that it will be somewhere in their arts program. My favorite memory would have to be the Chicago trip we took last year. All the stores we went to and the aquarium and shows. It was an amazing experience for me and the clinic really helped me understand how to engage my voice more and better help with breathing exercises.

Audrey Mulder

During my four years of High School, I’ve participated in many sports and clubs: Spanish club, choir, volleyball, softball, and basketball. Doing all of these things made school a lot easier for me. Though outside of school, I have 5 siblings, which also makes me very busy at home. Throughout the years I slowly cut down on all of the extracurricular events I was doing so I could maintain my grades. However, I plan to further my education at Grand Valley State University and perhaps walk into the softball team. Having no idea what the atmosphere is going to be like, what I’m majoring in, not knowing a lot of people, and just going to college in general is going to be stressful, but fun, just like high school. My favorite memory of choir is the Chicago trip.

Kennedy Nagel

Kennedy has been in choir throughout high school.

Emma VanSprange

I plan on going to GRCC for a few years and then transfer to another college to study medicine. I have had a job at my dad’s restaurant for many years now, as well as participating in swimming and tennis every available season. I can’t choose a favorite choir memory but most of my best memories were on field trips and during the end of year project.


Honors Choir Seniors Tribute

Clara Argenta

This has been my first year at TK. I've been part of the cross country, the JV basketball, and the track and field team. I've also been part of the musical, which was one of the best experiences I've lived. Finally, through the year I've been enrolled in choir. At first I was in concert choir, and after that in honors choir, which even though I could only be part of it for a few months I enjoyed it as no other. It was awesome being able to sing next to such talented people. My favorite memory of choir is the day we listened to the songs we performed at festival. We were all so proud and it was such a magic moment.

Megan Baldry

Throughout all four (ish) years of high school, I have been involved with choir, as well as plays and musicals. I am a part of the National Honor Society and student council. In my freshman and sophomore year, I was a competitive gymnast, switching to tennis for my last two years. I will be attending the Lee Honors College at Western Michigan University to continue my education in business and Spanish. I remember my sophomore year, when you asked us to lay down on the floor of the dressing room, turned off all of the lights and had us sing “Ave Verum”. I thought you were crazy.

Haley Bovee

I have been involved in choir and band throughout my four years at TK and made honors choir and symphonic band as a sophomore. I was a drum major for the marching band, was on the choir council my junior and senior year, went to state honors choir for three years, and have gone to four solo and ensemble festivals and received 1’s at all of them. Apart from that, I have been in every production the TKHS musical theatre department has put on since my freshman year, and have scored several leading roles. Other than music related activities, I am a member of the National Honor Society and the Teens Against Tobacco Use program, and have also taken several challenging AP courses. In the fall I’m planning on attending Western Michigan University to study vocal music education. State honors choir has been a blast for me every year and the pops concert is always fun, although I’m super sad I won’t get to have my senior pops concert this year. I also really liked going to festival this year. We did extremely well and it was really cool to hear so many wonderful things about our choir and the hard work we’ve been putting into our music making.

Bennett Halle

Bennett was a member of Honors Choir his junior and senior year.

Aiden Hannapel

As of right now I will be attending MSU at their Honors Bio program called Lyman Briggs; however, with all this crazy stuff going on who knows. I will most likely go the Pre-Dental route but that could all change for I am only a 17 year old. As for Choir, I could see myself joining a glee club or some sorts for sure but not as a career choice. My favorite memory of choir was Festival this year when you told us how proud you were of us all.

Lexi Luyk

During high school I was involved in many activities. I participated in the marching band as well as varsity sideline cheer. I was also a part of yearbook and choir. Outside of school I loved cheering with my CFA cheerleading team, coaching cheerleading, and volunteering in the nursery at Peace Church. Next year I plan on heading to Ferris State for a degree in Early Childhood Development with plans to be an elementary school teacher. I am forever grateful for the time I had at TKHS and am so sad to see that it is done!

Jaydynn Schut

Thornapple Kellogg has shown me so many different ways to become involved and make a difference in the world. I have participated in Student Council for 12 years now, earning the president position when I was in eighth grade and I have been in choir since sixth grade! My favorite thing that I have been heavily involved in at TK is the linkers program. I created friendships with everyone in the Special Education program and I will hold that close to my heart forever. I have played Varsity golf all four years and have played soccer for 14 years now. My next step is to attend Olivet College where I will be studying to become a Sports Broadcaster. At Olivet I will also be continuing my soccer career along with singing in the women's choir.

Logan Tolan

Logan was a member of Honors Choir his junior and senior year. He plans on going into the Army.

Taylor VanBeek

In high school, I danced all four years. I also contributed in volleyball my freshman year. I have also taken numerous art classes, and was enrolled in the honors choir. My future plans are to go to Western Michigan University where I will pursue occupational therapy.

Kate VanderMolen

I have been involved in choir all through middle school and while in high school, I had the opportunity to be in honors choir and I will forever miss the class and the teacher! I wasn't too involved in school but I was involved outside of school. I did quite a few volunteer projects and have loved every single one. I have also been in piano for 11 or 12 years now and still take lessons. My plans for next year are to attend Palm Beach Atlantic University in the fall and study to become a physical therapist and a physical/athletic trainer. My favorite memory in choir was all of the breakfast or pizza parties we had during class. I love singing too of course! But my favorite memory is sharing smiles, laughter, food, and music with my people. That is something I will remember for a long time.

Congratulations, to all the Seniors! You will be missed!