Society of Women Engineers Honors Two TK Students

Michigan Technological University contacted the school seeking nominations for students who have excelled in STEM courses. Snyder and Church were nominated and both were selected for the recognition after meeting established guidelines for the honor.

TK teachers Tim Penfield and Liz Ritsema nominated the two TK students. "I had the privilege of having both Carly and Heidi as sophomore students in my honors chemistry class. Both young ladies are exceptional students with a passion for learning, especially in the field of chemistry,” said Penfield. “The Society of Women Engineers at Michigan Technological University has a long history of acknowledging the best and brightest math and science students annually.  Both Carly and Heidi are worthy recipients, with incredibly bright futures ahead of them.”

Michigan Tech has been participating in the certificate of merit program since 1973 as a way of recognizing female students who demonstrate excellence in science and mathematics while introducing them to the engineering fields. By earning the recognition, the students also are encouraged to apply for scholarships offered by the National Society of Women Engineers and by Michigan Tech.

By recognizing female students in these STEM areas, the SWE hopes to encourage women to achieve their full potential in careers as engineers and leaders, expand the image of the engineering profession and demonstrate the value of diversity.

A  letter from the SWE to the students along with their certificates read, “In receiving this award, your school and the Society of Women Engineers see great things in your future.”