TKHS Inducts NHS Members

New TKHS inductees are:

Abigail Marcukaitis, Allison Hess, Amanda Bond, Anna Benedict, Ashleigh Scholten, Brianna Bachman, Camden Reynolds, Cassidy Dole, Chase Dannenberg, Chloe Powers, Daniel Beyer, Daniel Middleton, Drew Nathan, Ella McFadden,  Eric Archer, Evan Fabiano, Grace McNabnay, Grant Woods, Heidi Church, Jackson LaJoye, Jacob Swiderski, Jacqueline Aguiar, Jaymes Thorne, Jennifer Logan, Jessica Durkee, Jocelynne Moore, Jonah Schilthroat, Josh Wedyke, Keanna Dudik, Keith VanPutten, Kelsey Smith, Kendall Snyder, Kiah Nichols, Killian Dudley, Lane Kaminski, Leah  Luyk, Lee Repins, Liberty Tetzlaff, Lilly Nowinsky, Lily Foy, Louis Ogrodzinski, Lylla Peters, Matthew Middleton, Maycie Rainer, McKenna Bazan,  Michael Niemi, Mieka McCormick, Mitchell Corner, Morgan Chapin, Nathan Burkhead, Nicholas Barton, Olivia Landry, Paris Hale, Paige Green, Rachel MacKellar, Robert Holler, Ronald Simmons, Ryan MacKellar, Shane Coykendall, Shayne Krystyniak, Skylar Peck, Sydney Moerman,  Talyn Cousineau, Trinity Simon, Trysta Hilton,  Zoey Thomas. 

TKHS teacher Amy Forman is the NHS advisor. “It is an honor to work with such an outstanding group of students.  The ceremony, while untraditional, was put together by our Chapter’s Officers.  Caedon Zube (Chapter president), Tony Petersen and our new Superintendent Dan Remenap all addressed students during the ceremony. I look forward to the good work our new inductees will do in the community.”

NHS was founded in 1921 and today has more than 1 million students in NHS chapters in all 50 states. The organization is founded on four pillars - scholarship, leadership, service and character. TK students must have a 3.5-grade point average and have demonstrated leadership skills, service and character. A TK faculty team reviews candidates for membership after reviewing criteria and a written essay.