TKHS Presents “The Addams Family Jr.” Musical

 Cast and crew are given a limited number of tickets for each performance. If you are interested in attending, check with any cast or crew member to see if they have tickets available.  You can also check the TK website and social media sites on the day of each performance as well.  Information will be provided if tickets are still available and how you can get them for that night.

Students have been rehearsing for about four weeks to get ready for this show. This is a unique situation where there will actually be two casts performing on different nights. The March 3 and 5 shows feature the “Addams Cast” and the March 4 and 6 shows feature the “Family Cast.”

Director Laura Nikkel said she decided to have two casts allowing more students to participate in the musical while still keeping the cast to a lower number to better follow COVID protocols.  Some members will be the same for both cast groups and appear in all four shows.

Three students will also take on dual roles – playing a different part for the two casts. Peter Verstraete will appear as “Gomez” for two shows and “Mal Beineke” for the other two shows. Similarly, Zac Ploeg will be featured as “Gomez” and “Lucas Beineke” in the shows and Parker Stewart will alternate the roles of “Mal Beineke” and “Lucas Beineke” in the shows.

Nikkel said this is a talented cast and the students have had to overcome much adversity to be ready for the curtain to go up.

Cast members in the Wednesday and Friday shows are Peter Verstraete, Madeline Clark, Peter Repins, Jayden VanStee, Ellie Rogers, Natalie Alden, Shawn DeVries, Zac Ploeg, Parker Stewart and Katy Raphael.

Cast members in the Thursday, Saturday shows are Zac Ploeg, Lila Nelson, Haden Bovee, Chase Dannenberg, Payton Stewart, Annabelle Rickert, Zach Maring, Parker Stewart, Peter Verstraete and Reese Verlinde.

Members of the choir portraying the Addams family ancestors” will appear in all shows. Those students are Kate Baldry, Gabriela Colon, Shane Coykendall, Mia Dickman, Jonas Grummet, Mallory Hagemann, Jennifer Logan, Sam Morton, Lee Repins, and Molly Shepard.

Members of the stage crew include student director Paris Viviano, Cate Densham, Killian Dudley, Audrey Guikema, Lainey Guikema, Annabel Howe, Madeline McCrumb, Ella McFadden, Aislinn VanDommelen, Tessa Wenger.