TKHS National Honor Society Welcomes New Members

McCarthy called the inductees “academic rock stars” and encouraged them to continue their academic successes. “As you continue your education here at TK, take advantage of the opportunities you have available. When you take AP courses or participate in dual enrollment coursework, you are getting a jump on earning college credit,” he said.

He also talked about the pillars of NHS reminding students to continue pursuing learning, providing service to others and learning to be a leader.  “Leadership is more than just moving a group of people to achieve a common goal...As a leader, I never ask someone to do something I’m not willing to do myself,” he said.

McCarthy said a person’s character impacts all of the NHS pillars by the way they learn, serve and lead. “Your character traits can have a positive or negative impact on how you study, serve and learn....So, academic rock stars, as you move through high school and prepare for college, trade school, or the world of work, it’s time to find your code of conduct and define the character traits that will help you lead a successful life. Your possibilities are endless.”

Jacqueline Aguiar, the chapter’s current President, welcomed the new members. “As President of the National Honor Society, I am pleased to see these new incredible inductees take their spot in this society. You all have a gift within you and I am excited to see your accomplishments,” she said. 

Addressing the family and friends attending, Aguiar said, “These individuals have excelled at what it means to be a member of the National Honor Society. They have shown acts of leadership by taking action to enforce the means of responsibility and honorability, by representing our school with great vigor and strong work ethic, and pushing themselves to go above and beyond in all aspects of their life.”

Four NHS  members talked about the four pillars NHS is founded on -  scholarship, leadership, service and character. Jocelynne Moore talked about scholarship. “In the National Honor Society, it is expected that you have a passion for learning and that school is among your higher priorities,” said Moore. “Learning isn’t always easy, and nor is maintaining high grades, but your perseverance and determination has brought you where you are today...Keep those test scores high, and your heads held higher.”

Amanda Bond discussed leadership in the school and in the community. “Leadership is not limited to physically leading a group, or being in charge of people. Leadership can be so much more than that. To inspire others is leadership, to take initiative is leadership.” 


Heidi Church talked about character and how it defines a person. “Character,” she said, is the drive we have to be better - for ourselves and our communities.”  Church said the inductees have already distinguished themselves and their character, in different ways - through academic achievements, community service and commitment.


Matthew Middleton spoke about service. All NHS members are required to complete a minimum of 20 hour of community service each year. “Our community has helped support our school in many ways….Community service is a way we, as students, can pay back our community for all they have done for us.”


He said service to others is not only required for NHS members, but also a valuable way to grow. “Not only can you positively influence your community, but your community can also have a positive impact on who you are as a person.”


Lee Repins,  NHS secretary, and Trinity Simon, NHS treasurer, read the roll call of new members as they were each welcomed to the NHS. 


This year’s inductees are: 

Natalie Alden, Kaitlyn Baldry, Sophia Beckering, Olivia Beckering, Michael Blair, Haden Bovee, Carsen Burbridge, Katie Burkhead, Austin Chivis, Tahlia Choiniere, Carly Cook, Jackson Curtis, Anna Davis, Catherine Densham, Mia Dickman, Jacob Fetterley, Nicol Figuereo-Reyes, Ruby Frei, Audrey Guikema, Lainey Guikema, Preslee Hall, Maggie Harmens, Ethan Hey, Luke Hinton, Trevor Hummer, Terrell Jefferson, Luke Kaiser, Samantha Kruisenga, Keely Lambert, Dylan LeClaire, Andy Liu, Emelia MacDonald, Andrew Middleton, Madison Nagel, Connor Newland, Anna Niemi, Amber Niemi, Elaina O’Riley, Ella Palazzolo, Rein Pranger, Peter Repins, Aundria Robbe, Christopher Sharrar, Molly Shepard, Josie Smith, Matthew Smith, Ian Sonza, Payton Stahl, Graysen Stahle, Parker Stewart, Emma Thompson, Ellie Vandefifer, Lucy VanDemark, Hope Vander Heide, Aislinn VanDommelen, Lindsey Velting, Tessa Wenger, Carson Woods, Thea Zellmer, Zoey Ziny, Grace Zube.