TK BPA Students Have Strong Showing at Regional Competition

Students earning honors are:

  •      Natalie Alden- 1st place in Prepared Speech; 2nd place in Fundamental Word Processing; 3rd in Business Spelling
  •      Caleb Andrews- 7th place in Banking and Finance
  •      Kaden Hamming- 1st place in Digital Media Production; 2nd place in Digital Design Concepts; 3rd place in Fundamental Spreadsheet Applications; 7th place in Financial math and analysis
  •      Trevor Hummer- 1st place in Network Admin using Cisco; 2nd place in Linux Operating Systems fundamentals; 5th in Computer Programming Concepts
  •      Tyler Voss- 1st in Fundamental Word Processing; 1st in Health Administration Concepts

 Other TK BPA members who competed were Audrey Guikema, Ryan Kilpatrick, and Chris Smith.

BPA is a national student organization with more than 45,000 members and 1,800 chapters. BPA strives to develop student leaders by creating opportunities in professional growth and service.

According to the BPA website, the organization was formed nationally in 1966 with Michigan becoming a chartered state association in 1972.