Seniors Gather Early for Last First Day

“It sets the vibe for our senior year,” said Stephany Lopez-Tapia. 

Kyla Fields said she thinks students should do this more often. “I can’t pinpoint what it is exactly. It’s just really cool.”

Parents of members of the senior class organized most of the event this year bringing in breakfast, snacks and prizes for drawings. Seniors walked the red carpet through a curtain of gold streamers under the “Pride, Class, Tradition” sign and posed for photos in front of a Class of 2023 backdrop. 

On the field they gathered in small groups, sitting on towels and wrapping themselves in blankets against the dewy morning air. Just before leaving the field to start their day of school, they gathered around the TK Trojan emblem in the center of the field for a class photo. 

“We’re seniors,” said Elaina O’Reilly. “We gotta make the best of it right from the start.”

The class of 2022 started the sunrise gathering  and now it seems like a new TK tradition may be carried on each year.