TKHS to Bring Two Performances of “Emma"

In the play, Kaitlyn Baldry plays Emma Woodhouse, a beautiful, wealthy and spoiled matchmaker. Although she believes she will never marry, Emma attempts to play matchmaker and marry off her trusting friend Harriet (Natalie Alden) to all the wrong people. In so doing, Emma nearly misses out on true love herself.

Emilia Rickert plays the role of Jane Austen. Ethan Biltawi is cast as Mr. Knightly and Jonas Grummet as Mr. Elton. Venus Appel plays the role of Frank Churchill.

Other cast members include:

Mallory Hagemann as Mrs. Weston

Avan Myers as Mrs. Elton

Cam Phillips as Jane Fairfax

Evelyn Callahan as Miss Bates

Ashleigh Norman as Mrs. Bates

Lukas Walters as Mr. Weston

Darby Nutt as Mr. Woodhouse

Gabriel Rose as Robert Martin

Additional cast members are: Mars Richards, Chiya Collantes, Marian Gielincki, Reese Braska, Avery Hagemann, Ellie Baranek, Josie DeBoer, Jacob Newland

The stage crew includes Tessa Wenger, Aislinn VanDommelen, Cate Densham, Hudson Thomas, Katie Comeau, Zarah Bierenga, Devon Barnhill, Bo Snyder

The play is directed by Tricia Rickert.