TKHS Students Earn Honors at BPA Regional Contest

Of the students competing, seven finished first in their events and five of those students also finished second in an additional event.  Any student earning a placing of fifth or higher are eligible to compete at the state competition later this year. 

Students earning honors at the regional BPA contest are as follows:

Natalie Alden: 1st in Basic Office Systems; 2nd in Prepared Speech; 3rd in Management, Marketing and Human Resources; 5th in Business Spelling

Emalyn Cartwright: 3rd in Fundamental Word Processing

Audrey Guikema: 1st in Health Administration Procedures; 2nd in Basic Office Systems; 8th in Administrative Support Concepts

Kaden Hamming: 1st in Digital Media Production; 2nd in Database Applications

Andy Liu: 1st in Computer Programming concepts; 4th in Python Programming; 5th in Java Programming

Evan Liu: 10th in Computer Programming Concepts

Cameron Phillips: 1st in Fundamental Word Processing; 2nd in Fundamental Accounting; 6th in Business Spelling

Parker Stewart: 1st in Graphic Design; 2nd in Digital Media Production; 10th in Digital Marketing Concepts

Tyler Voss: 7th in Computer Programming Concepts; 10th in Parliamentary Procedures

Thea Zellmer: 1st in Presentation Management

Business Professionals of America (BPA) is a national, career/technical organization founded nationally in 1966. Students compete at regional, state and national levels in more than 60 workplace skills assessment program events. Michigan has more than 4,000 members. According to the Michigan BPA web site, the mission of the organization is to develop and empower students to discover their passion and create opportunities in learning, professional growth and service.