TKHS Inducts 59 Members into National Honor Society

“These students have set themselves apart from their classmates in the areas of character, service, leadership and scholarship, which are the four pillars of the National Honor Society,” said TK High School Principal Tony Petersen as we welcomed guests to the ceremony.

“It's an honor to serve as your principal and I'm proud of each of you. I look forward to seeing the incredible character, leadership, service and scholarship you will exhibit as seniors in your high school career. Congratulations to you all. I wish you all the best,” he said.

Superintendent Craig McCarthy also addressed the students and their guests before students received their NHS certificates.

“Not everyone receives an invitation to be inducted into the National Honor Society and luck has nothing to do with it. You’ve all worked hard to get here today. You’ve displayed a high level of tenacity and grit as you’ve worked to achieve this honor.”

He encouraged students to take advantage of opportunities available to them at TK. “Take advanced or AP courses and continue to challenge yourself. The things you learn, by pushing your limits, will not only help you as you head off to college, it will also help you as you start your career.”

 “You already have exhibited the skills necessary to be successful - tenacity, persistence, determination, perseverance. You have the grit, the courage, resolve and strength of character to achieve your goals. Take these traits with you as you move into the future. Lead when you can, support those around you and become role models for generations to come.”

Lainey Guikema, TK’s NHS President, gave a brief history of the organization that started in 1921. The objective of the organization was to create an enthusiasm for scholarship, to stimulate a desire to render service, to promote leadership and to encourage development of character.

Current NHS members spoke about the four pillars of the organization. “The scholarship pillar of the National Honor Society represents a dedication to learning. This pillar focuses specifically on taking time to study and broaden your mind as well as understanding the importance of continuing to learn. Members of the National Honor Society will continue to broaden their knowledge in all parts of life, not just formal education,” said Catherine Densham.


Luke Kaiser explained the quality of leadership. “Leadership is characterized by recognizing and actively working to address the needs of people in your community. Whether those needs are as small as picking up trash along the side of the road or as big as supporting a new community initiative, a good leader is always ready to step up and take action.”


“In all, leadership means deliberately choosing to do what's best for your community,” he said.


Character is another big part of NHS. “Character is how someone carries themselves as shown through the way they act and how they treat others. Demonstrating respect for all of those around you, showing kindness and having an understanding for the opinions and beliefs of others are some of the cornerstones of a strong character. Regardless of accomplishments and scholarship, people are remembered by those who knew them for their good heart and kind spirit. It is a person's character that leaves that impact. So to all the new members of national honor society, go forth and share your character with the world. Let people remember you for your kindness and giving nature,” said Haden Bovee.


Thea Zellmer offered input about the final pillar - service. “Service is not just satisfying a requirement set by the NHS or for college applications. It is to help another through reaching out to them. It is a value we can never afford to lose in society. You can serve your community in many ways. You can join your local youth advisory council or volunteer at numerous organizations like the YMCA or the Paul Henry Trail. You can serve food to the poor or raise money for Habitat for Humanity. Service is truly a virtue we must uphold.”


NHS Treasurer Natalie Alden and Secretary Aislinn VanDommelen  read the roll call of names of new inductees as they received their certificates and Vice President Molly Shepard closed the ceremony inviting everyone to enjoy cookies and punch.


TKHS NHS Inductees 2023:


Raini Braska, Tyne Bufka, Madilyn Chivis, Chiya Mari Perez Collantes, Mackenzie Coppess, Owen Corner, Josalyn Cramer, Ava Crews, Jayce Curtis, Jacob Draaisma, Aidan Dudik, Abigail Dumond, Case Dykhouse, Emma Dykhouse, Bailey Eden, Owen Forbes, Emma Geukes, Kaylee Green, Naomi Grummet, Faylene Guy, Blake Hardy, Brooklyn Harmon, Aubrey Hawks, Kylee Hoebeke, Sara Johnson, Austin Jones, Brooke Kimbel, Noleigh Lampton, Ailana Leos, Evan Liu, Lilly McKeown, Lucas McNabnay, Kyra Monroe, William Nathan, Kameron Nichols, Cole Novak, Madeline Pauline, Kylan Pratt, Audrey Rose, Gabriel Rose, Michael Sager-Wissner, Isabelle Schilthroat, Lydia Schilthroat, Benjamin Scott, Rylee Seguin, Jaxan Sias, Ryan Skidmore, Gabriella Smith, Alyssa Spurgeon, Nathan Starin, Hannah Starr, Caden Strait, Caleb Summerhays, Valerie Tamez, Hudson Thomas, Hunter Tietz, Lukas Walters, Clyde Watson