TATU Leaders Offer Strong Advice to Younger Students

The TKHS students were trained in the presentation skills to help younger students understand the dangers of tobacco use. They used props to show the chemicals that are found in cigarettes, straws to demonstrate breathing problems that can result from nicotine use, and even showed the damage smoking can cause to lungs.

The presentations were fun, interactive, educational and focused on making healthy decisions to have a nicotine-free lifestyle. High school students talked about some of the harmful chemicals found in cigarette smoke and vaping devices, health problems associated with tobacco and nicotine use, the cost of smoking and the impact of nicotine on blood vessels and overall health. They shared their own reasons why they choose to be nicotine free and keep their bodies healthy.

TATU is a program of Barry County Substance Use Prevention Services/BCCMHA and is funded in part by the Barry Community Foundation, Tobacco Settlement Funds. TKHS TATU is coordinated by high school counselors Ross Lambitz, Jaime Nelson, and teacher Nick Iveson, along with Page counselor Jill Funk. TATU has been active in Thornapple Kellogg since 2001.