Class of 2024 Gathers for Last First Day

“I just want to do all the senior stuff this year. You only get one senior year - hopefully. We’ve got to make it memorable,” said Cash Rabley.

Maliah Westmaas agreed. “This year has all the traditions that we want to experience. It’s senior year!”

The tradition started with the Class of 2022 and every year the number of seniors willing to make the earlier-than-normal morning wake-up call seems to increase. At the end of the school year, they’ll gather again on the field to celebrate their last day of school together for their senior sunset.

“This is 13 years in the making. It’s time to enjoy it,” said Kaden Hamming after posing for a photo in front of the senior backdrop. 

Nathan Koester said he was glad he came out early too. “I want to make this senior year memorable, but not in a bad way. I just want to make lots of good memories.”

Xavier Ward said he appreciated the free coffee provided by TK senior parents, along with cinnamon rolls and other breakfast treats.  “I’m here for the free coffee and for the senior experience,” he said. 

Braiden Wesner said he came to celebrate his senior year. “It's opening day of our senior year. It’s nice to see everyone and get back together and it’s something we’ll remember from our senior year.”

“It’s our senior year and I just want to do everything this year,” Hannah Middleton said excitedly sitting with a circle of friends on the field.

“It’s only one day we can do this and it’s special,” said Josie DeBoer.

Before heading off to classes, the seniors all stood together in a circle around the Trojan emblem on the field - for one memorable last, first day photo.