TK Alumni Come Home for Exhibition College Game

 Former TK athletes Jared Stolicker, Greg Hamilton and Tommy Hamilton were greeted with thunderous applause in the gymnasium where they all three played their high school years. Austin Sprague, a 2014 TK graduate, also received a warm welcome as he was introduced as the student manager for the Spring Arbor team.

When Stolicker scored the opening bucket of the game, the crowd went wild.

“It was awesome to get to play here one last time,” said Stolicker, a redshirt senior for the Bulldogs and a 2011 graduate of TK. “This is where it all started and it was great to get to come home and see some of my best friends here.”

The exhibition game was the first game of the season for the Bulldogs who won 77 to 68 over Spring Arbor. TKHS digital media students broadcast the game live over the Internet, gaining valuable experience in production and filming.

“This is just a really great opportunity. I’m so glad the two universities agreed to do this,” said Stolicker who greeted friends and posed for numerous pictures after the game.

Greg and Tommy Hamilton were equally surrounded by fans after the game. “I felt like I was right back at home. It felt good,” said Tommy, a freshman at Spring Arbor and 2015 TK graduate.  “I haven’t been gone that long, but it was really nice to see all the familiar people here. I have a lot of good memories here.”

Greg said he also appreciated the opportunity to come home and play on the TK court again.

 “It was so different. It seemed so weird at first, but then it felt like home too. I’m so thankful for this chance to do this. I got to see my old friend Jared and play against him and so many people came out to watch. It was incredible. I got my old locker back and it felt like home,” he said.

Greg is a 2012 TK graduate playing in his senior year now at Spring Arbor.

Both Stolicker and Greg Hamilton started the game for their teams. Tommy was substituted early and often for the Cougars.

Sprague said he too was glad to be part of the experience. “I really just felt happy to be back and for these guys especially to get all the recognition they deserve for their teams,” he said.

Fans found themselves cheering for both teams at times - impressed with  the play of the local athletes.

The game was brought to TKHS by varsity basketball coach Mike Rynearson who has made connections at both universities. When he pitched the idea of meeting in the middle for an exhibition game between the two squads, the athletic department at both schools liked the idea.

It was a fairly close game throughout with Spring Arbor leading 35 to 33 at halftime.  But the Bulldogs came back in the second half and overtook the Cougars winning 77 to 68.