Class of 2016 Receives Honors and Awards

 The Class of 2016 gathered on the stage in the auditorium wearing their caps and gowns as the awards were presented.

Thornapple Area Enrichment Foundation Kristen Cove said that $42,000 in scholarships was awarded through the TAEF with an additional $20,000 possible in renewals of those scholarships. 

Scholarships presented were:

 University of Michigan Award - Jacob Emery and Hayley Smith

 Henry J. Dugan Principal's Award  - Jackson Bronkema

 Ray Page Service Award - Justin Sydloski

 Scholastic Excellence Award - Nicholas Comeau and Heather Price

 Rotary Scholarships :

Chet Geukes Scholarship - Michelle Lindemulder 

Jerry Page Scholarship - Madeline Buehler

Bill Getty Scholarship - Mallory Berg 

Ray Page Scholarship - Nicholas Comeau

 Gun Lake Women’s Club Scholarship - Catherine Kelly

 Gun Lake Women’s Club joan Wieck - Noah J. Miller

 Barry County Substance Abuse Task Force Scholarship - Justin Sydloski

 Southside Pediatrics Scholarship - Catherine Kelly

 TAEF Adele and Arnold Parker Scholarship - Kelsey LeMay

 TAEF John and Maxine Robertson Family Scholarship - Nick Myers

 TAEF Class of 1957 Scholarship - Anna Lynn

 Travis Wenger Memorial Scholarship - Nick Myers

 TAEF Tad Thatcher Memorial Scholarship - Catherine Sprague

 United States Military Academy West Point Award - Amy Ziccarello

 Village Players Scholarship - Noah J. Miller

 Woody Wyngarden Scholarship  - Madeline Buehler

 Beth Hilrigel Webster Memorial - Mallory Berg

 Lynn Helrigel Summers Memorial - Mallory Berg

 Lois Ann Nagel-Seppanen Memorial - Jackson Bronkema

 TAEF Scholarships

  Alecia Lorraine Holst Memorial - Nic Comeau

  Adam Dipp Memorial - Hayley Smith

  Dr. Wayne and Marie Finkbeiner - Max Brummel

  Eugene and Edena Hendrickson - Nick Myers

  Francisca C. Vrona Memorial - Justin Sydloski

  Gerald L. Page Memorial  - Michelle Lindemulder

  John and Kay Simpson -  Madeline Buehler

  McCullough Family  - Heather Price

  Millicent Grace Knox Teacher - Anna Lynn

  Ray Page Scholar Athletic Memorial - Tayler Moore

  TAEF Matching-RKW Working Student  - Max Brummel

  Rodney and Rena Schad Memorial - Emily Lowery

  Samuel McKeown Memorial - Justin Numerick, Nic Comeau, Jackson Bronkema, and           Justin Sydloski

  Terri Yoder Memorial - Heather Price

 Thomas Hamilton Tennis Memorial  - Michelle Lindemulder

 William McGee Memorial - Mallory Berg

 Thornapple Garden Club  - Kelsey LeMay

 TKESP Scholarship - Mallory Berg, Jackson Bronkema, Bryce Clark, Makayla King

 TKEA Scholarship  - $1000: Hayley Smith, Justin Sydloski, Jennifer Tuokkola, Caryn Hannapel $750: Kelsey LeMay, Madeline Buehler, Nicholas Comeau


TKHS Senior Department Awards:

Art Department Award -  Kelsey LeMay, Rebeka Hodges

Business Department Award - Jacob Emery and Kayla Westcott

English Department Awards - Katie Kelly, Hayley Smith, Guy Piccione, Samantha Henion

Drama Award  - Heather Price, Mark Smendik, Hayley Smith, Braedon Halle, Jacob Emery

   Foreign Language Department Award - Kyle Bailey, Jacob Emery, Jennifer Tuokkola, Emily LaJoye, Kayla Westcott, Tayler Moore, Katie Hanshaw, Zack Meehan 

Math Department Award -  Madeline Buehler 

Science Department Award - Maddie Buehler and Justin Sydloski 

Social Studies Department Award - Jacob Emery

Technology Education Department Award - Matt Brown, Colton Piotrowski 

Digital Media Award - Troy Boonstra, Jolin Brophy, Brittany Buehler, Elizabeth Coe, Lauren Hager, Nicole Hair, Kylee Head, Timothy Ogrodzinski, Nathen Rapp, Kendall Schut

Student Council Awards - Mallory Berg, Elizabeth Betcher, Constance Doyer, Jacob Emery, Gregg Granger, Caryn Hannapel, Katie Hanshaw, Hannah Jesse, Olivia Lamberg, Kelsey LeMay, Justin Sydloski, Frederic Tabourot, Amy Ziccarello.

Michigan Blood Award - Red Cord to Brittany Buehler, Madeline Buehler, Cathrine Kelly


National Honor Society Awards:

Hana Alverson, Madeline Barber, Allisha Beggs, Elizabeth Betcher, Drayson Beyer, Taylor Bondeson, Jackson Bronkema, Matthew Brown, Max Brummel, Brittany Buehler, Madeline Buehler, Kelsey Buller, Nicholas Comeau, Miah Dammen, Krista Dollaway, Jacob Emery, Joseph Gaikema, Gregg Granger, Braedon Halle, Caryn Hannapel, Katie Hanshaw, Samantha Henion, Troy Hermenitt, Kari Johnson, Cathrine Kelly, Makayla King, Mackenzie Kollar, Megan Kraus, Emily LaJoye, Olivia Lamberg, Kelsey LeMay, Michelle Lindemulder, Emily Lowery, Anna Lynn, Noah Macomber, Hanna McCrath, Alysha Melkonian, Noah B. Miller, Noah J. Miller, Tayler Moore, Mackena Muller, Justin Numerick, Briley Oly, Christopher Phillips, Sabriah Postma, Heather Price, Katharine Price, Nathan Raymond, Katrina Reed, Megan Replogle, Emily Riva, Jacob Scholma, Connor Shea, Hayley Smith, Catherine Sprague, Justin Sydloski, Lindsay Thomas, Jennifer Tuokkola, Tyler Vander Heide, Kayla Westcott, Abigail Wright ,Amy Ziccarello,


OK Conference scholar athletes (4 athletic season competitor, 1 sport senior year, 3.5 GPA): 

Hana Alverson, Izzy Balsitis, Libby Betcher, Drayson Beyer, Max Brummel, Brittany Buehler, Maddie Buehler, Kelsey Buller, Nic Comeau, Sarah Feldpausch, Jacob Gipe, Gregg Granger, Braedon Halle, Katie Hanshaw, Kari Johnson, Katie Kelly, Mackenzie Kollar, Emily LaJoye, Nic Lapekes, Kelsey LeMay, Michelle Lindemulder, Hanna McCrath, Alysha Melkonian, Ally Miller, Sabriah Postma,  Nate Raymond, Connor Shea, Caytie Sprague, Justin Sydloski, Lindsay Thomas, Jennifer Tuokkola, Tyler VanderHeide, Kayla Westcott, Abby Wright, Amy Ziccarello


Senior athlete and OK Gold scholar athlete:

Tannah Adgate, Jackson Bronkema, Liveah Foote, Joe Gaikema,  Makayla King, Olivia Lamberg, Jordyn Lanning, Tayler Moore

 OK Gold scholar athlete and tri-port athlete:

Noah Macomber

 Senior athlete award  (Must have 6 or more Varsity Letters):

Hayley Alverson, Troy Boonstra, Lauren Hager, Holly Hall, Kylee Head, Neil Hoskins, Dan Jousma, Josiah Schmid, Brittany Wellman, Brandi Weslow

 Senior athlete and tri-sport athlete:

Troy Boonstra, Dan Jousma, Lauren Ricketts

 Senior athlete, OK Gold scholar athlete and tri-sport athlete:

Megan Kraus

 Michigan High School Athletic Association scholar athlete regional award (Award given for both academic and athletic excellence.)       

Megan Kraus

 Athletic boosters scholarships

Nick Myers, Amy Ziccarello, Nic Comeau, Makayla King

 OK Gold Conference athlete of the year

Olivia Lamberg and Troy Boonstra

 Eagle Scout Recognition:  Jacob Emery, Cody Hamma, Kyle Makarewicz, Neil Hoskins