We will continue to hold a registration period during the summer. During this time students will be able to come to the high school and pick up a copy of their schedule, make schedule changes, have their school photo taken, and update demographic information. This will reduce the amount of time it takes during the school year to make schedule changes. Registration dates are as follows:

August 22- Seniors

August 24- Juniors

August 25- Sophomores

August 29- Freshman, New Students, Foreign Exchange Students

Registration hours will be from 1:00 pm until 6:00 pm each day. If you cannot attend on the specified day you may come during another registration day that works best for you. The offices will be open from 10:00 am until 6:00 pm on registration days. The computer lab by the office will be open for parents to update their PowerSchool demographic information if needed. There will be instruction cards by the computers to help guide you through the process. We ask that you update your address, phone number(s), emergency contacts, etc. online. When your student comes in for registration they will need to bring their picture packet and the copy of the included demographic form with your signature stating that all information is current and correct. Your student will need this signed form in order to pick up their schedule. It is very important that we have updated information in powerschool to ensure that all mailings are received and we are able to contact you when needed. You do not need to meet with the counselors unless you have a question regarding your student’s schedule or need to request a change.

On August 29 we will have upperclassmen here to greet new students and freshman. They will be available to give tours and help answer any questions your student may have. Freshman orientation was held during the school day on June 3, so we will not be holding an orientation in the summer. The Freshman will receive further orientation on the first day of school with their family group.