New TK Football Coach Meets Middle and High School Students

Feller played quarterback at Coe College in Iowa, coached high school football in Iowa and was an assistant coach for a Texas High School team that won the Texas state championship. In Iowa, he turned a winless program one year into a 5-5 season in his first year and a 9-2 season his second year. It's a scenario he hopes to replay at TK.

The TK varsity team had a winless season in 2016, but Feller said he fully expects success in his first year.

"It's a process. It takes hard work and togetherness to get things done," he said.

Feller said he hopes current members of the TK coaching staff will continue coaching and working with him and the team.

"We're going to help each other. We're going to help our community," Feller told the students.

As he spoke to students and a few parents Friday in an informal meet-and-greet after school, Feller already was sporting a TK Trojan shirt. He told the athletes the most important thing will be their education. He said he will make certain students are not falling behind and every week there will be a study table time for any students falling below 70 percent in any class.

"Your number one reason for being at TK is not to play football - it's to get an education," said Feller.

He also encouraged students to participate in different sports and different activities while in high school. "I want you to be involved in as many things as possible at TK; be in the band, sing in the choir, write for the yearbook, be on student council or join any of the other fantastic groups..." he wrote in a letter to the students. "By participating in many different activities you find yourself and develop your mind."

He said by participating in different activities and sports, teens develop relationships. "Relationships are what life is all about," he said.

Feller said the football players will be active and supportive in the community with community service projects. He said he will also establish a leadership council. Students will have to apply with a cover letter and resume and then go through an interview process.

Feller said he's excited and enthusiastic about the opportunities in Middleville. His first impressions of the TK community, he said, have not disappointed.

"Everyone has been so great to us," he said. "I can tell there are quality folks here and a quality community and that's what matters. We're excited to be here."

Feller said he was also impressed with TK's facilities and all he's seen and heard about the district and the Kent Intermediate School District.

TK Athletic Director Dave Chrisinske said Feller was chosen from a field of more than 50 applicants from six states for the position. A committee set interviews for nine finalists then narrowed the field to four for second-round interviews.

"We had four fantastic final candidates," said Chrisinske. "Charlie was our unanimous first choice."

Feller attended Gurnee Warren High School in Illinois where he played football, basketball and baseball.  He said his interest in the Middleville job was peaked when he read the job posting that included many details about the district and the facilities.

Feller said conditioning will start at 6 a.m. Jan. 23. Morning workouts will take place four days per week from 6 to 7:25 a.m. with Wednesdays being the morning for the study table time.