TK Cares: Students Tackle Day of Caring Projects

Members of the TKHS student council worked Thursday morning tackling projects in the village. One group removed riprap from the northern section of the Paul Henry Thornapple Trail while others cleaned up flower beds at the Thornapple Township Hall.
A year ago, more than 400 volunteers completed 2,000 hours of volunteer service in the Barry County Day of Caring projects. 
Student council members said they enjoyed getting out and doing something to help the community that always shows so much support for the schools. 
"It's nice that we're all together doing this," said TKHS student Jack Schneider. "And it's fun."
Girl power made short work of some work along the trail.  A group of three girls tugged on each other pulling out stakes and riprap that had become overgrown along the trail. Even after ending up in a heap on top of each other when the stake finally pulled out of the ground, they were all smiles and happy for their accomplishment. 
They all agreed  - it was a good day.