TK Robotics Receives Challenge Manufacturing Sponsorship

The funds will help the teams purchase additional materials and equipment needed to build and perfect their robots.

"It's just going to be a big boost for us to be able to get more materials and build better robots for competition," said high school student Annabelle Byers.

Last year was the first time the high school sent two teams into Vex  Robotics competition and with help of a state grant was able to form an all-girls team.

High School teacher Donna von der Hoff said she's excited about the progress the teams made in the last year and hopes especially that more girls will continue pursuing learning more about robotics.

In order to receive the grant from Challenge Manufacturing, TK students had to create Facebook and Twitter accounts to showcase their team efforts, create a website and prove they were actively fundraising themselves to support the team.

Addison Satterfield said the assistance from Challenge Manufacturing really helped the teams solidify their robots and make adjustments to make them operate smoothly. Engineers came to the high school multiple times to assist with designing, building and programming the robot. Engineers even came out one snow day last winter to help students.

Byers said she liked getting the expert help from engineers at Challenge Manufacturing and is very appreciative of the sponsorship.

"To have someone come in who works with this kind of stuff every day is a big benefit. We learned a lot," she said.

von der Hoff said the exposure to robotics in the real world was also invaluable for the students. "It really gives them an idea of what they can do beyond high school and how this can apply to real life careers," she said.

 "It's just wonderful to be able to get this kind of experience and to have this sponsorship from Challenge Manufacturing," said von der Hoff.