JV Girls Take Aim to "Strike Out Cancer"

Members of the team thought about at least one person they could play for in the game - someone touched by cancer. And two special people with Middleville ties were asked to throw out the opening pitches.

This is actually the second annual such game for the JV squad. It started last year in memory of former TK coach Andy Saldivar, who died of cancer in 2016.

This year, Brian Appel and Cindy Stickney, threw out the first pitches. Appel has been battling colon cancer for more than a year and Stickney is battling breast cancer.

The team members said they are glad to be able to create awareness and support for cancer patients.

"It really hit hard when Coach Andy passed away," said JV Coach Phil Postma.

"It just is nice to be able to show how much we really have to support everyone going through cancer," said Ebbie Appel.

Ellie Rogers said it's easy for the team to pull together for a game win, so they should also pull together for cancer support. "It's cool to see everyone pull together. We all have to help support everyone," she said.

The Forest Hills team members also picked someone to honor during the game.

"It's an awesome thing," said Brian Appel. "It's more than a game. It's the team playing together for the greater good and for others. I feel very honored. Cancer is definitely a tough thing."

Stickney said she also felt overwhelmed and honored. "It's so nice that they are showing they care for other people.  For them to be so young and show others how to care about others is amazing."

She said the prayers from people and everyone supporting her has been what's kept her going.

"Fighting cancer is hard," she said. "But days like this make it a lot easier - when you know you have people supporting you."

The game was definitely a hit with fans and players alike.