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About me: 
I was born and raised in Middleville and I'm proud to be back! I loved high school (especially sports and band; I played tennis, softball, volleyball, and the trombone!). I graduated from TKHS in 2003. I went on to earn degrees in English and history from Michigan State University in 2007. After graduating college and student teaching at Northview Crossroads Middle School, I taught 6th and 7th grade language arts and social studies at Coloma Middle School. 
After three years in Coloma, my husband Curt and I moved to Columbus, Ohio and I earned my Masters in English Education at Ohio State University. I also taught AP Comp and English 9 briefly at Canal Winchester High School, then got a job teaching 7th - 12th grade English at the Ohio State School For the Blind. 
After my son Charlie was born in April 2014, we moved back to Middleville and the rest is history!
My favorite things: playing volleyball and tennis, morel mushrooms, Bon Iver, David Foster Wallace, auction sales, 30 Rock, road trips, cardigans, John Hodgman, The Golden Girls, potatoes, finding money on the ground, and so much more!
And for those of you who like hunting, have you been here?