Juniors will be required to take the M-STEP, which is the new Michigan assessment, in April. A letter will be sent outlining the details of this assessment along with the testing schedule. We will begin preparing our students for this new assessment in March. This is a computer based assessment. We will provide example questions and give the students opportunities to learn how to navigate the system prior to the assessment. You will need to use Google Chrome as your browser. These sample questions will give you an idea of the new style of assessment that the state has developed. Testing will take place in April. This is a required test for all Juniors in accordance with state law. Juniors can also earn exam exemptions based on their scores on this assessment. All students that earn a proficient score will receive one exam exemptions for one of their core content area classes (Math, Science, English, Social Studies) for their senior year.



Many of you may have already heard that the state has accepted a bid from the College Board to provide the SAT as the college entrance exam portion of the state assessment for juniors starting in the spring of 2016. The College Board will be revamping SAT to better meet the requirements that the state has for the assessment, including alignment to the common core. The state has shared that there will be test prep materials available to students and schools at no cost. We are waiting to see specifically what that will look like. Please know that we are working with our ISD and the state to have a better understanding of the new assessment and will do everything that we can to prepare our students for the SAT, as we did with the ACT. As soon as resources are available we will begin preparing our sophomores to take this exam next year. You may have a lot of questions as we move forward, and we will do our best to address them. Having to adjust to new assessments is nothing new for us in the state of Michigan and we will continue to work to ensure the success of all of our students.